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Use moisturizer to prepare the lips for lipstick. Let the moist absorbed into lips. Then apply foundation. Before lipstick application give support to your elbow and your hand should run easily and evenly on your lips. First apply lipstick on your lower lip, start from middle and go towards side of lip, this way outline will not be clogged. Repeat the same procedure for upper lip. Now make outline with matching lipstick pencil.

Now put soft tissue on lips and  apply little pressure with thumb so your outline will be raised, this means your outline and lipstick applied well. If you need re-apply pencil and lipstick. Again put tissue on lips with little pressure but before this drop little loose powder on the tissue. So now your lipstick will be set. remove un-necessary powder from lips and do another coat of lip pencil and lipstick to look you beautiful for your husband.