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If you are seeking health category website to know more about Aloe Vera, it means that you reach to the right place. In this post, I will explain the benefits of aloe vera for our health especially when it is juiced.

For more than 3500 years, aloe vera has been used by human being for many purposes. The major purpose is for medical. From thousands years ago, people have recognized this plant as beneficial plant especially for maintaining human body’s health. People have processed this plant to be variety of food and drink. They believed that juice of aloe vera gives no side effect at all. In other word, juice of aloe vera is very safe and health for human being. It is finally proven by the latest study that aloe vera is a good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It is also very good to maintain the health of human skin. Before the latest studies find that fact, the ancient people have believed that aloe vera can help to balance the stomach acid. The gel that we can find on the leave can help to reduce skin irritation. You can use it just like using lotion.

Aloe vera concentrate for almost any disease is fact that we can believe. As mentioned above, it has no negative effect to our body at all. The best thing about this plant is that this plant is very easy to find. This plant spreads almost all around the world especially in tropical countries. There are some modern industries of healthy just are starting to use aloe vera as the main composition of one drinking product and now sold and easily found on the modern market or even supermarket as the exclusive juice with great benefits. This kind of plant has transformed become promised commodity in the field of business.

Everyone who heard Threelac is processed quickly shows how Candida infections. The users say that it effectively treats the disease without any adverse effects. This is important because, the candida and yeast infections to wreak havoc on the body. If your symptoms get bad enough, life becomes almost unbearable when treatment is started immediately. This is another reason why it is important to know more about this new treatment. Threelac is the new guy on the block, since it is known to effectively combat Candida infections. It was created in Japan for several years and is able to fight against many strains of Candida bacteria, which are that all the 150 different strains of known means.

This is very important because many other treatments to treat only the bad bacteria, while "at a time, and are therefore in a position to take, care of other tribes. This means that a person does not get rid of the infection and continue to struggling to make life difficult. Threelac is a patented natural product helps rid the body yeast infections. Fungal infections are also known as Candida known. Threelac was developed in Japan and the first on the scene a few years ago and has established itself as a supplement , which is very effective in the fight against more than one hundred strains Candida were used.

This is an addition to the lemon, the sets of three different types of beneficial bacteria to strengthen the human immune system and, unlike antibiotics; the immune system to suppress this product really works to fight with you, thrush, rather than against it. This is one reason for his success in the treatment of candidiasis and the lack of serious side effects. Fungal infections in body occur when the levels of the Candida albicans high-level and uncontrollable growth. A small amount candida albicans in body produces naturally in the mouth, digestive tract and genitals.

By the lattes research this is known uneven skin or pigmentation caused mainly by Melamine produced by skin.
This can be due to various factors:

*   Due to skin disease like eczema.
*   Too much stay and exposure to the sun.
*   If not use sunscreen regularly.
*   Hormonal decrease or increase.
*   Due to some prescribed drugs.
*   May due to chemical peeling.
*   facial products which are more greasy.
*   If your SPF is lower than 15.

To avoid these all you must use anti-inflammatory skin products, like tea tree oil,
 If you have oil skin then use anti-oxidants, specific oil control creams and lotions which may give your face beautiful tone.

You need to take care of your health as a routine and follow certain beauty care tips especially for the care of skin. In the condition of the dull look of the skin, the over all appearance is also affected presenting a tired look of the individual. You must take appropriate steps to overcome the condition. It is mandatory that you involve regularly in skin toning and exfoliation activities.

Use the scrub for at least two times a week for proper exfoliation. Use the paste of fresh yoghurt, almond, dry basil leaves, lemon juice and the peel of fresh orange. Apply the paste on the face and let it remain there for ten minutes. Wash it off with substantial amount of water. In case of dry skin, you should use a face pack for two times a week.

Toning of the skin is achieved with the application of rose water on the face with the help of cotton balls. You should repeat the application by massaging the entire face and particularly areas around eyes for proper toning of the skin. It erases the feeling of tiredness of the skin, which becomes vibrant in the look.

You can buy colored contact lenses without any prescription. But before buying you must know the size of your cornea, diameter and base curve as your contact lenses can be fit into your eyes properly. so discomfort and damage can be avoided. Also before wearing you must know that your eyes have no infection.

This is also important you select those contact lenses which have higher water contents 55% or above. this way oxygen supply to your eyes will be good keeping them hydrated and fresh.

Also important to select good quality contact lens solution, so infection to eyes can be avoided.
yes sure your beautiful look is important, but you always have quality consideration before using contact lenses.

If you are having wonderful makeup on your face and you also tired but before sleep you should remove your makeup. Because your skin cells need to breath again during over night sleep. Do not forget simple tips in your life to make your life easy and pretty so always remember to remove your makeup before sleep.

Various mouth fresh are available to remove the mouth bad smell. Sure these are doing well, but you know what is the cause of mouth bad smell, this comes mainly from stomach. Here is simple solution for mouth bad smell. Every day eat some one tea spoon of fennel seeds after meal. Within few days your mouth bad smell be eliminated and your mouth breath will be fresh and cool. Also tell to all people this simple tip.

Summer warm weather is coming, and you will shower multiple times a day to relief you from heat. But this way you will dries out your skin and will loose your natural moist. To replenish this just after shower before using towel, apply some drops of olive oil preferably mustard oil on your all skin. You will have wonderful smooth soothing skin all the times with almost zero cost.


Do not buy costly lotion.  Make your own home lotion, this is one of the best natural lotion, you will feel the difference.
you need the following:
* Half cup distilled water.
* Half cup oil. (you can choice, almond or olive oil).
* One table spoon Lecithin.
* 5 drops of Geranium oil.
* some Vitamin E, as this is very good antioxidant.
Mix all the ingredients in a home blender. and your best lotion will be prepared for your face, hands and body to make them beautiful at ease.

Matching lipstick and nail polish how much can enhance the beauty of women, this is very much important to select the lipstick and nail polish according to skin color and selection of clothes.
Women having somewhat black color skin should not use dark shades. Also these days dark shades lipsticks are out of fashion. So often should use light shades. However in family functions can use vivid colors according to clothing.
Pink and tea pink shades lipsticks and nail polish are the most favorite one.

After shampoo apply lemon juice on your hair to get them fresh and shine. then rinse with water. This simple tip will give many benefits to your hair.

Hands are the reflection of your age. First appearance of your older age shown at your hands. So to hide your age you should care your hands.
To make your hands soft and pretty massage of home made simple lemon and turmeric cream. your skin will be soft and without any wrinkles.

Apply curd on your hair and do the light massage, this simple tip will make your hair soft, smooth and shining. This will remove dandruff. Repeat this after two or three days or maximum within one week.

Use moisturizer to prepare the lips for lipstick. Let the moist absorbed into lips. Then apply foundation. Before lipstick application give support to your elbow and your hand should run easily and evenly on your lips. First apply lipstick on your lower lip, start from middle and go towards side of lip, this way outline will not be clogged. Repeat the same procedure for upper lip. Now make outline with matching lipstick pencil.

Now put soft tissue on lips and  apply little pressure with thumb so your outline will be raised, this means your outline and lipstick applied well. If you need re-apply pencil and lipstick. Again put tissue on lips with little pressure but before this drop little loose powder on the tissue. So now your lipstick will be set. remove un-necessary powder from lips and do another coat of lip pencil and lipstick to look you beautiful for your husband.


Many women use threading to remove non-essential hair from the face. Before threading remove the the layer of foundation and powder from the face, so first remove the makeup and then apply little loose powder, this way hair to be removed gets visible easily and facilitate in threading, also skin gets soft.

As the face skin is sensitive so the after the threading the place may become reddish and fluffy. So some anticlerical skin cream can be applied. And do the makeup after 2 hours of threading as due to threading pores are opens so at that time makeup can cause damage to skin.

Many women do much efforts for whitening the face and making long hair. Spend money for expensive dressing and costly makeup., but forget their teeth. so she looks fine but when she laugh then her bad teeth get naked to people so her all personality gone down.
So here is advice to please pay your attention always to keep your teeth clean and white for your beauty and health.

Long and balanced neck is symbol of beauty in women. Old age shown at neck instantly. Women often ignore this important part of body, and slowly slowly due to carelessness causes neck fatty.
you can make your neck beautiful by doing exercise and massage. Apply moisturizer along the neck from downward to upward direction and reversal. Massage almost 10 minutes every day.
Do the exercise of neck by getting this tense so your veins get raised. do this exercise at slow pace, daily.
By adopting simple way your neck will be beautiful even old age will not reflect on the neck.

Here are some safe ways to wear contact lenses.

1. First contact your eye specialist, and follow the advice for right contact lenses according to your eyes size and conditions.
2.  Always keep your hands clean.
3.  Do the cleaning of soft lenses before every use.
4.  Do not wear soft contact lenses for much long times and get them off when no need. For much long time use may cut lower or cut the supply of oxygen to cornea. so that the cornea decreased endurance and easily infected by bacteria that produce toxins and even cause blindness. So always use soft contact lenses having  higher level of water contents.

American School Girls Organization says, high heel shoes are much dangerous for young girls as this causing to reduce the intelligence in them. Headmistresses of school said girls should be impressed by the media advertisement, should wear simple low heel shoes as their memory remains powerful.


Water is much essential for human health. With the regular use of water you can make your face much beautiful plane and shining. Women use various types of creams and lotions to make their skin beautiful but few glass of water can play much effective role.

Water provide natural moist to skin, which even can not be get by moisturizers available in market. For this purpose please make your habit to drink water with short intervals and during the day take minimum 9 glass of water every day. Just by changing your life style your all skin specifically face skin will be fresh and shinning.

And make you habit to sleep early and get up early in the morning, and start your day by drinking 2 glass of water, before breakfast. You must drink the water before every meals.

Here i tell you the most important secrets of all famous celebrities, they drink much water to enhance their beauty.


* If you have thin hair then do not dry your wet hair, let them dry. And after some dryness use blow dryer for few minutes.
* There is also another way to keep your wet hair strong. After shampoo dry your hair by towel, then apply jell and do the brushing and let them dry.
* If you have brownish hair then after shampoo wash them with tea water this way your hair color will have be beautiful with happy shining.

* If you have fats in your hair, then wash them every day to keep them healthy and strong.

Use simple Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to remove your eye makeup. In your daily life use simple to be simple.

Girls who will apply plane tooth paste on acne, will remain in peace with neat & clean face beauty.


Hair are one of the most important part of women's beauty. To make your hair shine you have one easy home remedy. Apply white vinegar for your light color hair and for black or dark brown hair use brown vinegar.
With these simple home tips hair shine will remain intact also hair will get healthy and strong. 

Titanic Kate Winslet now became more pretty since she was 22 years of age when castes in Titanic, about 14 years ago. Now she is at age 36, more charming and stunning look.

Blackheads are pores on your skin that have a wider opening than usual.these large pores are easily get filled up with "skin garbage" so latter turned on as black mass known as a blackhead. Oily skin get more blackheads. At teen age forming of black heads are more frequent.
here are simple way to banish blackheads:

1. Cleanse your face regularly by washing, obvious there will be no dirt so no blackheads. For this purpose you should use cleaning lotions to get your skin clean.

2. Scrub away your dead skin cells, so there will be no place to form blackheads.

As prices for every product and services are continue to skyrocket, so many people are using the products around in their home and enjoying the beauty at very low prices.

* Make body scrub by mixing 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of olive oil. The sugar will work well for removing dead skin, while the oil softens the skin.
* Apply and rub the scrub on your skin with fingers of loofah starting from your feet to whole body, also to face by fingers while keeping your shower off.  Then wipe clean with damp towel.
* Apply olive oil to your hair with light massage. This will add moisture and softness. Then wash with shampoo. Then comb your hair thoroughly.
Then apply skin lotion or cream to to your whole body and face seal in moisture to keep you fresh for hours.

A broad or wide nose can be smaller and thinner in appearanceby right makeup techniques. For this purpose you should use foundation which isone shade more dark than the your natural skin by the sides of your nose. Drawalong the sides a firm make up brush gently, starting from the inner corners ofeyebrows and reaching at the sides of nostrils. In the end apply a lightershade foundation down to the bridge of nose. By simple makeup technique yournose will look smaller and sharper and you will look more pretty.


God Created The Most Beautiful Birds, some here pictured.

1.   your nails are healthy if your are taking healthy food.
2.   Put rubber gloves while your nails remains more of the time in water.
3.   While you Gardening then please do not forget to wear gloves. this will keep you protect you all the way along.
4.    During watching watching tv, moisturize your hands and nails with your favorite hand lotion. this will not only relaxing, also helps strengthen the nails.
5.   Do nails trimming by weekly.

6.   Apply olive oil daily on nails for their shining and strength.

7.   A good nail polish also gives nails beauty, shine and protection.

8.   Never bite your nails by teeth, keep emery nail file with you.

If you became fed up going to crash diet programs and exercise Gyms then have the benefits of new research. This is the simple tip but of most beneficial.

By drinking one or two glass of plane water before meals, keep your hunger  at average level also reduce weight by some pounds. Due to recent research, formed two groups for a period of 12 weeks.

Fist group of people drink every day 3 times plane water before meals while other group of people not.

Those people who drunk water before meals were lost 5 pounds of weight. Reason is simple zero calories water filled the space in stomach so reducing hunger. This way people feels less hunger so less eating. Recent observations show that a woman need eight to nine glass of water every day, while a man need thirteen glasses of water every day.
Water is one of the most essential part of our diet. There is famous saying drinking water before meals is Gold, during meals is Silver and drinking after meals is Lead.
If you have reasonable weight then you look smart and beautiful. So make the habit of your eating,  drink water before every meals.

Do not worry if you are more slim than average. Here are simple tips to eat simple and natural foods. And you will be happy to gain good looking weight:

* eat daily 7 pieces of large dried grapes.
* eat daily 4 pieces of fresh banana.
* cooked liver 3 times a week, this will produce more blood.
* take daily some Dates with milk.
* take daily fresh fruits.   

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