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1. Do not overeating
The entry of excessive calories will affect your metabolism which can invite disease, which then triggers the aging process. Begin a diet balanced with the amount of carbohydrate around 50-60 percent, 10-20 percent protein, and 20-30 percent fat will help you to look younger. So in total it takes about 1,500 calories per day. Eat small meals but often every 4-5 hours. This method can improve the metabolism of hormones in the body, and body can work more effectively so that the organs are not easily damaged.

2. Reduce salt
Limit consumption of salt to not more than 1 teaspoon per day is the key to look younger. Eat lots of salt can cause high blood pressure and stroke. Avoid canned food because they typically use much salt to preserve food. Get used to eating fresh food as its nutrition has not been damaged to help you look younger.

3. Select tofu
If consumed regularly, tofu can prevent the occurrence of early menopause as rich in phytoestrogens. Other soy products also helps you to look younger because of its rich nutrients.

4. Drink plenty of water
No one doubt that water is an effective key to look younger. Drink water about 8 glasses a day, to expedite the flow of blood that carries oxygen and energy sources to the organs of the body.

5. Two glasses of milk a day
Milk is the best source of calcium is beneficial to strengthen the bone and prevent bone loss. Milk fatty acids was merit in maintaining skin moisture and smoothness. You could also try to drink one glass of soy milk every day. Soy milk contains lecithin which serves to encourage healthy skin cell regeneration, thus make you look younger.

6. Reduce red meat consumption
Red meat contains a bad compound (HCA) and free radicals that could potentially damage cells. Eat meat only once a week, or in the right amount. Instead, select the consumption of cold water fish rich in omega-3 fat content. Omega-3 fats can reduce levels of triglycerides which can prevent the constriction of blood vessels. Consumption of fish three times a week is enough to make you look younger.

7. Consumption of fruits and vegetables
Fruit serves to maintain water balance in the body. Avocado, for example, contain protein, carbohydrates, iron, beta carotene, vitamin B complex and folic acid which are all nutritious and soften the skin, nourish hair and protect the skin from the sun. Vegetables such as broccoli can accelerate the healing process and prevent premature aging because it contain many beta carotene and vitamin C. Eat varieties of fruits and vegetables to make you look younger.

8. Avoid smoking
Not only invite coronary heart disease, smoking is also a poison that makes the skin becomes dry and dull. Even if you do not smoke, as much as possible avoid the room or smoke-filled environment. Secondhand smoke is not less dangerous than the smokers themselves. Quitting smoke and avoiding being secondhand smoker is essential to look younger.

9. Regular exercise
Exercise will make circulation and oxygen supply to the entire body runs smoothly so the skin becomes healthy and fresh. Exercise at least three times a week to look younger.

10. Having adequate sleep
Having a good quality of sleep can help you to look younger. Busy at work and other activities often make you lack of sleep. Try to sleep enough time 7 to 8 hours per day. Avoid reading, watching TV, or fiddling with the laptop until late at night, so as not to reduce your sleep quota. Quality sleep can make you powered back after a day of activities.