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There’s a budget-friendly beauty gift to suit them all:
1. Cake Beauty – Indulge, $48
The sugary-sweet scent of Cake Beauty products is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. It’s no surprise that the launch of their first ever perfume (which landed on beauty counters this September) is the quintessential scent for the holiday season. With caramel syrup and island sugar-cane accents, infused with notes of vanilla and citrus sparkle, candy canes and Christmas shortbread will be long forgotten.
Cake Beauty – Indulge
2. Benefit – Ticket to Glossytown Lip shine set, $26Take note from the winter weather with Benefit’s new shimmer gloss set. This budget beauty gift is fully equipped with six pink-tinted shades (with playful names like ‘so frisk me’ and ‘spiked punch’.) Some shades are bold in hue, while others are injected with heaps of holiday sparkle. Whoever is on the receiving end of this beauty buy will be pursing their glittery lips all year round.
Benefit – Ticket to Glossytown Lip shine se
3. Avon, mark. – main squeeze lip gloss, $12These high-gloss shades may look like a standard balm, but don’t be fooled– Avon cranked things up a notch, and just in time for the holiday season. This modern gloss is centred in a rubber-like disc, which you pinch in at the middle and apply onto the lips. With scents like “papaya squeeze” and “honey squeeze”, you can pair a gloss or two with a batch of delectable holiday treats, and they will complement the bunch.
Avon, mark. – main squeeze lip gloss
4. Fruits and Passion – Foaming Bath Forest, $24.50Not only will these fruity-scented foaming baths set you in the holiday spirit (we’re talking cranberry-love and pear-peony), but the unique fur-tree shaped bottles add an extra dash of merriness. It’s a simple holiday beauty gift that is fitting for a mom, colleague or friend.
Fruits and Passion – Foaming Bath Forest
5. Harajuku Lovers – Jingle G, $25Any Harajuku Lover perfume is a suitable gift idea for a friend (there’s a scent and personality to suit us all), but the new, limited edition Jingle G fragrance is the epitome of Christmas bliss. This adorable doll is donning Santa Claus wear, and a matching red bow. The subtle scent includes notes of white star fruit, gardenia, and tangerine. Our prediction: a must-have budget beauty gift this winter.
Harajuku Lovers – Jingle G
6. Stila Cosmetics – Dream in Full Colour Palette, $50Everything you'll ever need in a makeup case is combined into a compact, dreamcatcher-shaped festive palette. This beautiful beauty gift comes with 29 eyeshadow shades, seven cheek tints, and a smudge stick. No need to become overwhelmed–the kit also features a mini booklet, providing expert advice on how to stand out this season.
Stila Cosmetics – Dream in Full Colour Palette
7. Quo – Deluxe Mini Brush Set, $42Every girl needs more than one brush in her makeup case, but it's usually the last thing we feel like buying for ourselves. Hence: the perfect gift for a beauty-inclined gal (not to mention, bacteria collects in the bristles faster than most like to admit.) With 10 varying brush sizes, wave goodbye to common makeup woes.
Quo – Deluxe Mini Brush Set 
8. Urban Decay – Book of Shadows Vol. IV, $32Wouldn’t life be easier if we had a personal makeup artist to rely on? Urban Decay kept our beauty needs in mind. Their new ultramodern makeup collection features a mini speaker that attaches into your smartphone. Just download a QR code app, scan the tutorial code (provided on a card in the makeup set), set your phone in the given-holder beside the mirror, and apply accordingly. The case also contains 16 glittery shadows (hello, holiday events), waterproof liner, mascara and a shadow primer.
 Urban Decay – Book of Shadows Vol. IV
9. philosophy - Sugar Plum Frost™ Set, $18When snow falls, you can never go wrong with a candy-cane scented product, but opt for something more unique with philosophy’s sugar plum gift set. It features a three-in-one sweet plum shower gel, which cleanses the skin and conditions the tresses. It also comes with a plum-scented gloss to help moisten the lips during the harsh winter months.
philosophy - Sugar Plum Frost™ Set
10. Revlon – Single Nail Set, $24.99As autumn ends, earthy polish tones chip away, and sparkly hues replace them. For the gal who finds comfort in monochromatic outfits, a sweep of sparkle is a subtle holiday accent that will accentuate her look. This kit includes: Revlon's Crazy Shine nail buffer, a nail clip, patterned nail file, and three metallic nail enamels (an anticipated polish trend for winter.)
Revlon – Single Nail Set
11. The Body Shop – Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Selection, $15The adorable packaging of this budget beauty gift makes it tempting to grab a handful, and offer them to everyone written on your gift-list (and maybe keeping one for yourself, too.) The vibrant, lollipop-shaped package features five moisturizing balms, each a different fruity flavour.
 The Body Shop – Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Selection,

5 Lip Makeup Tricks to Make Your Pout Appear Naturally Larger

For years women have been trying to figure out ways to make their lips appear large, full and lush. Although determining how long your lips will be firm, has a lot to do with aging, genetics and your collagen levels, there are currently many lip makeup products on the market to help you get the lips you desire! Use these helpful lip makeup tricks and tips to learn how to turn your thin lips into a sexy pout.

    Choosing Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone
  • Choose the Right Lip Color
    You can get fuller looking lips in an instant when you apply the right shade of lipstick. Sure, it's completely temporary but it is a natural way to make your pout plump!  To accomplish this, be sure to choose lipsticks in bright shades of pinks or nudes. Be sure to steer clear of dark shades, fiery reds or deep berries. While they can certainly make your teeth look whiter, they will only make your lips look thinner.
  • Pump Up the Lip Shine
    Another easy way to use cosmetics to help you get the appearance of plumper lips is to use lip gloss. You can choose to apply it right over your lipstick, or choose a colored gloss to use instead of lipstick. The newer gloss formulas from name brands like Sephora are long lasting, as well. If you use it with traditional lipstick, be sure to add a dab of gloss to the center of your bottom lip to get the most dramatic effect.
  • Ran Out of Lip Gloss?
    If you don't have any lip gloss around, you can always choose to use a little shimmering eye shadow or facial highlighter to help plump your lips up. Just dab a very small amount on the center of the bottom lip and you'll get a similar result!
  • Lip Liner to Enhance Your Natural Lip Line
    Many women today choose not to use lip liner, but it can be a very handy tool to have on hand if you want to boost the appearance of your lips. Lip liner can actually help you extend the appearance of your lips. Simply use foundation to camouflage the top of your natural lip lines and use the lip liner to draw new lip lines. Be sure you do this in a subtle way, so you won't end up looking like a clown. It's best to use neutral colored lip liner when taking on this task, as well. When trying this trick, be sure you're in natural light so you can see what you're doing and always use long lasting lipstick because there's nothing more embarrassing than the lipstick wearing off and your unnatural lip line showing through.
  • Lip Plumping Products: A Temporary Fix
    There are thousands of lip plumping products on the market, today which leads many women to wonder if they really work or not. You can find lip plumpers in glosses, balms, sticks, gels or lipsticks. Most often they contain things like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen or capsicum (hot pepper compound). These things can naturally increase blood flow to the lips and make them swell mildly. Most will last for a few hours, but the affects can vary greatly from product to product. Dermatologists say they are fairly safe, as long as they aren't overused. If overused, they can cause dryness and scaling on the lip area which is much more unappealing than thin lips.

Teeth care Gum disease home treatment for beautiful smile

Teeth care Gum disease home treatment for beautiful smile

Homemade Teeth & Lips care for beautiful Smile
Cleaning teeth with little salt for at least a week will polish your teeth.Cleaning teeth with a paste of lime and coriander leaves will strengthen your teeth.
Bad breath is prevented by washing your mouth normally with a mixture of radiogram powder and 1-glass of lukewarm water .You have to gargle every morning.
Gargling with a mixture of water and a spoon of honey twice a day will whiten and strengthen your teeth. Brushing with a paste of padam seeds and lime juice will brighten your teeth, as per Natural beauty tips.

Washing your mouth with a mixture of 2 spoons of lime juice, water and half glass of rose water every morning will cure tooth decay or gum swelling.
Rubbing gums with clean fingers before brushing your teeth will remove deadly germs.
Brushing teeth with a paste of dry lime peel powder and salt will whiten your teeth and help in removing stains.
It is compulsory for you to brush your teeth twice daily, change your brush frequently, choose supple bristled toothbrush and consult a dentist regularly.
Teeth care Gum disease treatment home treatment for beautiful smile

Teeth care Gum disease treatment home treatment for beautiful smile

Homemade Teeth & Lips care for beautiful Smile

Cleaning teeth with little salt for at least a week will polish your teeth.

Cleaning teeth with a paste of lime and coriander leaves will strengthen your teeth.

Bad breath is prevented by washing your mouth normally with a mixture of radiogram powder and 1-glass of lukewarm water .You have to gargle every morning.

Gargling with a mixture of water and a spoon of honey twice a day will whiten and strengthen your teeth. Brushing with a paste of padam seeds and lime juice will brighten your teeth.

Washing your mouth with a mixture of 2 spoons of lime juice, water and half glass of rose water every morning will cure tooth decay or gum swelling.

Rubbing gums with clean fingers before brushing your teeth will remove deadly germs.

Brushing teeth with a paste of dry lime peel powder and salt will whiten your teeth and help in removing stains.

It is compulsory for you to brush your teeth twice daily, change your brush frequently, choose supple bristled toothbrush and consult a dentist regularly.

At a screening of No Strings Attached in New York City, Olivia Palermo beat the winter chill with warm, tawny skin. The best way to give your icy complexion a dose of heat? A blend of blush and bronzer on the apples of your cheeks, and a wash of foundation a tad darker than your natural skintone. As long as you apply the foundation evenly—don't forget your neck!—you'll impart a healthy glow, not a fake orangey tint.

Miss America is the closest thing we have to royalty here in the U.S., so I was understandably excited to meet the recently-crowned Laura Kaeppeler, whom I saw win live when I attended the pageant (courtesy of Wen Hair Care). She even looked like Kate Middleton when I met her, wearing a blue dress that was similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s gorgeous engagement outfit.

(Here I am with the gorgeous and statuesque new Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler!)

I spoke with Kaeppler at a party hosted by Artistry, the skin care and cosmetics provider for Miss America. The brand debuted their latest skin care product, the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum along with their spring makeup collection, all available in March. In addition to having my makeup done (I absolutely am in love with the new emerald eyeliner), I also chatted with the down-to-earth Miss Wisconsin. She may have not worn waterproof mascara the night of the pageant, but this year’s Miss America has a beauty philosophy I admire.

Instead of an over-the-top, stereotypical pageant look, Kaeppeler will wear natural-looking makeup when she tours the country as Miss America this year. “One of the things I’m really looking forward to portraying is that I’m a normal person, that I’m a real person… I want young girls to feel like anyone can become Miss America, no matter your background, no matter where you come from.” Given Kaeppler’s own background, this seems particularly important to her: her dad was in jail for 18 months while she was a student in high school and college and her platform issue during the competition was supporting kids of incarcerated parents.

(Kaeppeler is a big fan of this gloss.)

I think the real reason Kaeppeler doesn’t want to hide her face under tons of makeup is because her skin is gorgeous. “To me healthy skin is more important than the makeup you put on,” she says, adding that her daily routine consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  She also loves Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss because it’s portable and easy to use since it has a light-up applicator and built-in mirror.

You have to be pretty confident and sure of yourself to compete in pageants (swimwear competition, anyone?). Kaeppeler is just 23 years old — the same age as me! — yet I’d never have the guts to do what she does. “I just have to trust that what I say will be good,” says Kaeppler about keeping her confidence level high. “And I think if you yourself believe that what you say is going to be perceived well, then it will be.”

Whose beauty philosophy do you admire?

At the premiere of her new movie, Bachelorette Kirsten Dunst sported the most perfectly undone braid across the crown of her head and a barely-there smoky eye. Her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg used mark products to create the subtle look. She prepped Dunst’s lids with an eye primer, then swept a sheer shadow in the corners of her eyes and followed with a dusting of silver metallic in the creases. "To give her some depth and augment her natural eye color, I added a blue shade and lightly outlined her lower lids with a long-wear felt tip liner and shadow,” says Greenberg. She finished up with some mascara. Dunst’s glowing skin and sheer red lip stain finishes off her look that’s glamorous without being overdone.

5 Steps to the Perfect Smoky Eye
Best Beauty Buys: Eyes
20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

Drinking from Bottle, the Reason for Lip Wrinkles

Drinking from Bottle, the Reason for Lip Wrinkles

All cola drinks and juices come in pet bottles. To drink the liquid directly from the bottle one has to crease in his/her lips to get fit in the small mouth of the bottle. When it is done frequently the crease made on the lips take the form of wrinkles. It is further worsening if lips are mostly dry. Even drinking with a straw from the bottle is not of much help. This is the reason why hence forth always drink any liquid in a glass.

Free natural Sleep aids

Free natural Sleep aids

Sleep is one of the most important functions of our bodies. Many of us don''''t get enough sleep. Natural sleep aids generally contain herbal and organic components which work naturally with the body’s chemical processes. Several kinds of drugs made out herbal products help to treat insomnia. Application of lavender oil on a hunky placing inside your pillow will make you fall asleep due to its sleep-inducing alpha waves . You can get lavender oil free from neighborhood or available cheap in Indian store.
Free Natural Herbal oil for deep sleepBefore going to bed, Add few drops of eucalyptus herbal oil to a handkerchief and place it inside your pillow. You will get uninterrupted natural sleep because your nasal passage will be cleared from the natural beauty tips discussion
Herbal sleep aids
Herbals that can help you to sleep
How to get natural sleep
Sleep Help Foundation Natural Beauty Tips

Organic Sleep Inducers

Organic Sleep Inducers

Several kinds of drugs made out herbal products help to treat insomnia. For example application of lavender oil on a hanky placing inside your pillow will make you fall asleep due to its sleep-inducing alpha-waves.
If you add few drops of organic product of eucalyptus oil to a handkerchief and place it inside your pillow then you will get uninterrupted sleep because your nasal passage will be cleared.

All Natural Solutions for Eye Cream

All Natural Solutions for Eye Cream

Natural solutions using the ingredients from the kitchen shelf are the alternative to the chemically produced expensive eye creams. No need for eye creams when the eye masks are used. The eye masks are effectual for reducing the eye wrinkles, dark circles and eye puffiness.

Eye masks are the natural solution for eye creams. These masks play a vital role in making eyes healthy and well nourished. It assists in reducing dark circles, under eye soft lines, crow feet wrinkles and puffy eyes etc. These can be used twice or thrice in a week for giving deep rest to the eyes.

Almond Oil for Eyes and Wrinkles
Using the index finger tip of both hands apply almond oil to both eyes simultaneously. Under the eyes and edges of the corners must be given more attention as these are the areas most prone to wrinkles. Move the finger tip in anti-clockwise direction. Keep the hand very gentle and soft. Do it for 5 minutes. Later lie down and relax for another 10 minutes. Then after clean the eye with normal tap water and pat dry the eyes with soft cotton napkin. Ensure not to rub the eyes. This remedy fulfills the nutritive requirements of eyes as well as helps in reducing wrinkles by restoring the skin''''''''s elasticity
Rose Water Soothes the Tired Eyes
Dip the thin cotton pad in rose water and put it on the closed eyelids. Stretch out and relax. Rose water calms down the eyes and pulls out all the stress. It can be used anytime for example after applying any facial mask, while taking the nap or resting for couple of minutes. It is safe to use everyday as well. Whenever the eyes feel tired or burning sensation just use this remedy.

Chilled Spoons Treats Age Lines around Eyes
Keep two stainless steel teaspoons in freezer for 10 minutes. Then after take one spoon and rotate it on the eye corners and under the eyes. Keep doing it till the spoon is chilled. Later use other spoon for second eye in same way as for the first eye. The chilled spoons can be used unlimited times. It relaxes the tired eyes and helps in reducing the eye soft lines present at the corners and under the eyes.

Honey and Potato Mask Home Remedy for Crow''''''''s Feet and Dark Circles
Grate one potato and mix one teaspoon olive oil in it. Divide the mixture into two portions and keep it aside. To use this remedy for reducing the crow feet wrinkles and black circles first dab honey very well on the eyes including the corners and under eyes. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then after put one portion of grated potato on one eye and other on the second eye. Lie down and relax for next 15 minutes. Subsequently, remove the potato mask and clean the honey from the eyes. Use it on alternate days for best results.

Relax Eyes with Cucumber
Slice the cucumber as thin as possible. Then place the slice on the eye next to one another giving the shape of a flower. Spray little roe water on it and relax for 15 minutes in this position. Later remove the cucumber slice and wipe the eyes with cotton ball dipped in normal water. Cucumber juice helps the eyes to lighten up.

All these are general eye masks that shall suit for one and all. Use it and let the eyes unwind to feel fresh. This beauty tips really works. Make it part of your daily beauty regimen today!

Are you sick of your wrinkles and the war you have against them? Stop worrying. Here are a few easy remedies to keep them at bay: 
1. Exercise: Exercising is good for your heart as well as the health of your skin. Go for cardiovascular workout thus. It will help your skin get the required amounts of oxygen and that will be very helpful.
2. Diet: Eat a healthy and nutritious diet with anti-aging foods in it. Drinking loads of tea and water will help. Eat fruits and vegetables and foods that have anti-oxidant properties such as salmon fish. Stay away from processed foods as much as you can and stick to natural, fresh food.
3. Retin A: Creams containing retin-A have proved to be very effective against wrinkles and fine line. Your doctor will prescribe the cream. For dry skin, Renova is a good anti-wrinkle cream. It is gentler.
4. Stress: Stress is a leading cause of aging signs. It is important that you don’t let the pressure of day to day life get to you. If it affects you, it’ll show on your skin through dullness and wrinkles. If you take too much stress, join yoga classes or go for stress management. Stay relaxed and sleep well.

Before you venture to buy beauty products online to revive your aging skin, here are a few natural beauty tips that you may want to try: Increase your intake of fatty fish, olive oil.
  1. Increase your intake of fatty fish, olive oil, avocados, and olives, to enhance your omega-3 fatty acids. They make your skin look supple, rejuvenates skin cells, as well as improves overall texture and  tone of the skin.
  2. Keep your body hydrated to avoid wrinkles, retain the youthful glow and elasticity of the skin. This also improves digestion and flushes out toxins, which again benefits your skin.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin to eliminate dead skin cells.

Four Must-Have Winter Moisturizers 

The best creams to help soothe dry skin

The transition from fall to winter is an adjustment on its own, but when draping on snow gear, remember that our skin requires an extra layer too– moisturizer. Come December, dreaded flaky and itchy skin become a product of low humidity and brisk temps. Since our skin is exposed to less moisture, it's our job to bring it right back. Here’s a faithful guide to live-by this chilly season:
1. Natural Ingredients
Fresh– Soy Face Cream, $38

Before you go and slather on the first moisturizer you spot at the drug store, pay attention to the ingredients. If your skin isn’t accustomed to heavy creams or serums, opt for a moisturizer with a lighter build. The best way to aid your poor, dry skin, is by making sure all ingredients have been derived naturally. This face cream is paraben-free, meaning it doesn’t contain preservatives that may be harmful to your health. It’s primary made with soy protein, cucumber extract and Vitamin A, C, and E – all of which help hydrate and nourish the skin.
Fresh Soy Face Cream
2. Long-term Hydration
L'Oréal Paris– Nutrissime Reactivating Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin, $10
Besides focusing on a product’s ingredients, the hydration duration is equally important. In other words, find out if a moisturizer will nourish the skin throughout the day, and not just a few hours. Invest in a top-quality product that not only keeps skin moist upon application, but aids the skin in retaining moisture long-term. This L'Oréal cream does just that. As skin sensitivity increases in the winter, this product helps reproduce the protective layer of the skin.
L'Oréal Paris– Nutrissime Reactivating Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin
3. Multi-Purpose
Nuxe– Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Suractivée, $42

This moisturizing cream hydrates all layers of the dermis, but also restores it when you’re worn-down and stressed. This product will soothe dehydrated skin for 24-hours at a time, so you don't have to worry about constant re-application. While its consistency is on the thicker side, it absorbs well into the skin, producing a vibrant and healthy looking glow. The product contains honey extract and soothing plant oils, naturally purifying ultra-dry skin complexions.
Nuxe– Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Suractivée
4. Sun ProtectionNeutrogena– Ageless Essentials™ Continuous Hydration SPF 25 Day Lotion, $17.69Sunscreen is just as important to wear in winter, no matter the amount of snow on the ground. A common fact to most, but when the sun is forever hidden behind clouds, it’s difficult to pick up on the whole SPF-winter habit. Your best bet? Finding a reliable cream–like this Neutrogena product– that hydrates the skin and protects against sun exposure. This particular product supplies broad-spectrum protection, meaning it shields the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Just remember that some sunscreens only protect against UVB rays, not UVA.
Neutrogena– Ageless Essentials™ Continuous Hydration SPF 25 Day Lotion

Look smashing without clashing in red

Look smashing without clashing in red

Red is the natural colour for women to gravitate to when the holiday season rolls around. Christmas bows and wreathes, candy canes, holly berries, even Jolly Old St. Nick chooses to go with red when December arrives and the snow starts falling.
You may choose to go with a smashing red dress, a red top, or maybe just a hint of red in a piece of jewellery or a pair of shoes. And red lipstick, of course, will be that final, finishing touch. Many women have trouble when it comes to choosing a red lipstick; should it be candy apple red or dark crimson red? Should you go with a pinkish tone, a peachy red, or just that true, brilliant shade that complements almost every skin tone? If you feel you need help picking the perfect red lipstick for your holiday outfit, see some of the tips below.
Skin tone:Consider your skin tone first when choosing a red lipstick. If your skin is very fair, a rose or pinkish red may be better than one with coral or peach undertones. Medium skin tones may do well with a broader range of reds, so experiment with both ends of the spectrum. If you have a darker skin tone, try crimson and scarlet reds, as well as a true, bright red that will really complement your skin. Olive complexioned women often look stunning in a fire-engine red lipstick, along with the darker berry reds.
Eye colour: Believe it or not, eye color can help you choose the perfect red lipstick. If your eyes are blue or green, try a red lipstick with a blue undertone. Hazel eyes may look best with a warmer red, as will light brown eyes. Dark brown eyes can really pop if worn with a bright true red, as well as a warmer brick color, although experiment with the berry reds, too.
Outfit:Your red lipstick, should, of course, complement your holiday outfit perfectly (hence the name of this article.) Be guided by the amount of red you are wearing (a red dress versus red accessories), as well as the shade of red. The less of the color you are wearing, the brighter and bolder your choice of lipstick should be. Conversely, if your outfit is almost completely red, try a softer, more muted shade. Do not try to match the red of your holiday outfit completely – this is almost impossible to do, and may look odd.
Jewellery and Other Accessories:The choice of jewelry and accessories you wear should also influence your holiday lipstick. Gold, as a rule, will look better with a warmer color, while silver is complemented by cooler, more blue-toned shades. If your choice of holiday jewelry is colored stones, be sure that the lipstick you choose is in a similar color family (think peach, scarlet, brick, pink, also considering the cool versus the warm tones.) The same should be said for your accessories – if you are carrying a scarlet bag or wearing a true red scarf with your outfit, be sure your lipstick is of a similar shade.
Personal Taste:Of course, the red that you love best, the red that makes you feel like you are as glittering as a bright ornament, should always be the final choice you make. Happy Holidays!

The month's hottest nail colours

                                   Breathing life into your nails this season

January Jones in Tangerine Tango

Pantone, the world’s leading authority on colour (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada explaining cerulean), selected Tangerine Tango as the “It” colour of 2012. The red-orange shade appeared on the runways of Elle Tahari, Nanette Lapore and Chloe. From the runway to the beauty department, Sephora plans to release a Tangerine Tango collection, and pops of the colour appear in Essie and Bobbi Brown’s spring collections.

What you put on your plate can impact your skin as much as any cream. Find out what a dermatologist says you should eat for healthy, clear skin.

fyou want a smoother, clearer complexion, Jessica Wu, M.D., assistant clinicalprofessor of dermatology at USC Medical School and a dermatologist in LosAngeles, encourages you to toss all six of these fortifying Feed Your Face foods into yourgrocery cart.

Definitelyone of your skin’s best defenses, tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidantcalled lycopene. While studies have not yet been entirely conclusive, manysuggest that lycopene may be responsible for helping to protect the skinagainst sun damage.
Lycopeneis best absorbed by the body when it has been cooked or processed, so eatingtomato sauce, tomato paste, and ketchup is likely to be more effective thanjust eating raw tomatoes when trying to safeguard your skin against harmful UVrays. Lycopene is also fat soluble, which means that it is absorbed more easilywhen consumed with fat, such as eggs, avocado, and olive oil.
Red Meat
Sometimesit gets a bad rap, and even though red meat does contain saturated fat andcholesterol, lean red meat is one of Dr. Wu’s favorite Feed Your Face foods becauseit’s so high in protein and zinc. In fact, recent studies suggest that red meatmay be even better at treating acne than antibiotics.
Toproduce collagen, your skin needs the amino acids glycine and proline, and theprotein in red meat has the highest concentration of these two amino acids. Themineral zinc is also crucial for collagen production. “It’s an essential cofactor,”says Dr. Wu. “Without enough zinc, it’s difficult for the skin to makecollagen. Plus, zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory.” And vegetarians don’tneed to miss out. Dr. Wu adds that high concentrations of glycine can also befound in seafood, proline in cottage cheese and cabbage, and zinc in lentils,kidney beans, and raw oysters.
Green Tea
It’sno secret that green tea is an antioxidant powerhouse. Its strong anti-inflammatoryand anti-aging effects are attributed to its high concentration of catechincompounds. Studies have shown that green tea can be used both orally andtopically to help protect the skin from sunburns and UV-associated skincancers. Research also suggests that drinking one cup of green tea twice a dayover the course of six months may actually reverse sun damage and significantlyimprove any problems you have with redness and broken capillary veins.
Green Beans
Aslong as we’re going green, let’s talk about how these low-calorie beans canhelp you grow thicker hair and healthier nails. Green beans are a star Feed Your Face food becausethey’re one of the richest sources of silicon — not to be confusedwith silicone,which is found in bad lip jobs and breast implants! The USDA has not yetestablished recommended daily intakes (RDIs) of silicon, but 10 mg per dayseems to be adequate for strengthening hair and nails, according to recentstudies. Dr. Wu recommends choosing organic green beans, since they retain moresilicon from the soil. Don’t like green beans? You can also get your siliconfix from volcanic mineral waters such as Volvic, which contains 14.5 mg perliter.
Usuallyit’s salmon that’s synonymous with omega-3 fatty acids, but did you know thatwalnuts are also incredibly high in omega-3s? If you’re concerned with redness,swelling, blotchiness, acne breakouts, or wrinkles, walnuts may be your newbest friend. Plant-based omega-3s, such as the ones found in walnuts, arenaturally anti-inflammatory; they can help seal moisture into your skin andprotect it from chemicals and other toxins. In particular, the alpha-linolenicacid (ALA) in these omega-3s can work to combat the dryness associated withaging that leads to wrinkles. But don’t stop with walnuts; you can alsoincrease the amount of plant-based omega-3s in your diet by eating almonds,olive oil, and flaxseed, too.
Notonly is it the main ingredient in the best smoothies, yogurt is a naturalprobiotic, which means that it helps replenish the “good” bacteria in your bodyand keeps yeast in check. This can come in handy if you have gastrointestinalissues or you’re prone to yeast infections, but what does it have to do withfeeding your face? Well, according to Dr. Wu, yogurt is an excellent Feed Your Face food fordealing with acne breakouts, eczema, and even dandruff. Just be sure to choosea low-fat and low-sugar yogurt, since sugar can aggravate inflammation. And ifyou think your breakouts are related to dairy, Dr. Wu suggests skipping theyogurt and going straight for a probiotic supplement instead.


A Soften your feet and shine and polish your toes. The pampering of an at-home pedicure can help keep your feet their prettiest. Read on to learn the steps to take for beautiful feet.

salon pedicure — with its warm-water soak and massage — is quite a treat. But you don’t always have the time, or the cash, for a professional treatment. You can get great results at home, whether you want to get your toes ready for sandals or you simply want to counteract the abuse your feet take all day. Here’s what you need to do.
Remove old polish. Start by removing your old nail polish. Try acetone-free polish remover, which is less drying (but sometimes less effective, especially on darker colors).
Clip and file your toenails. Cut toenails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails. (If you’re having trouble with ingrown nails, your shoes might be too tight in the toe box.) File the nails straight across, barely rounding the corners. Work the file in one direction only. Sit and soak. The footbath you get at a salon is more than just a feel-good step. It helps soften the tough, dry spots on your feet. For your at-home version, fill a bucket or small tub with warm water and add a little liquid soap, bath salts, or oils. Make your feet more comfy by placing a washcloth or towel at the bottom of the tub. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes, then pat them dry.
Treat your cuticles. After your soak, you should be able to gently push back your cuticles. If not, treat them with cuticle remover, then try again. A Popsicle stick will work if you don’t have a cuticle stick.
Exfoliate dry, rough skin. Use a body scrub or a scrub especially designed for feet. For tough, callused spots on your heels, the balls of your feet, and your toes, use a pumice stone or a file designed for use on feet. But go gently — you don’t want to damage the healthy skin underneath by rubbing too hard.
Moisturize. Rub lotion or cream all over your feet and toes and up your legs. You can use your regular body moisturizer or a cream designed for foot care.
Polish your nails. It’s easier to paint your toes if you separate them with a foam separator, or even cotton balls if that’s all you have. Just make sure you don’t get cotton strands in your polish. Start with a base coat. Once it dries, top it with the color you prefer. You may need two or three coats to get deep color and even coverage. Keep in mind that lighter colors are more forgiving when it comes to chips and scratches, though toenails aren’t as likely to chip as fingernails. Darker colors are more popular in fall and winter, while brighter shades might be good choices in spring and summer. Protect the polish with a top coat. Reapplying a top coat every three or four days can prolong the life of your pedicure. A top coat with sunscreen can keep your polish from fading on days when you’re strapping on sandals.
Treat your feet to this at-home pedicure and you’ll be walking tall, with a pretty, polished look.

Body odor can occur when sweat mixes with the bacteria that make their home on your skin. Avoiding it starts with staying clean and dry.

Sweating is healthy; it cools your body. But if you’ve ever sweated through a workout, a hot summer day, or a stressful situation, you’re probably no stranger to body odor. Perspiration itself — made up mostly of water and salt — is practically odorless, but when it mixes with the bacteria that live on your skin, the result is body odor.
You may think of your armpits as ground zero for body odor, but other areas of the body also produce odor. These include your feet, upper thighs, and groin area.
Lifestyle Changes Keep Body Odor at Bay
Keeping body odor away is often as easy as following some basic rules of hygiene:
  • Bathe at least once a day — more often if you’re sweating heavily. Showering or taking a bath reduces the amount of bacteria on your skin; it also washes sweat down the drain.
  • Use an antibacterial soap. This will help keep bacteria in check, which will control odor.
  • Dry yourself carefully. Pay particular attention to the skin between your toes and to areas where you sweat heavily. When skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria to breed.
  • Shave your underarms regularly. This will help keep bacteria from building up there.
  • Use a deodorant and/or an antiperspirant. Deodorants are alcohol-based and cover up the odor caused by bacteria, but they don’t stop sweating. Antiperspirants contain aluminum-based chemicals that temporarily reduce sweating. Many antiperspirants also contain a deodorant.
  • Wear clothes made with natural fibers. Cotton, wool, and silk all let your skin breathe. For workouts, you may feel more comfortable wearing moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Wash your clothes often — especially workout clothes that you sweat in. In summer, when you’re more likely to perspire, change your clothes frequently.
  • Enlist the help of your shoes and socks. To keep your feet dry, wear socks made of moisture-absorbing materials like cotton and wool and change them often. It can also help to use sweat-absorbing foot powders. To allow your feet to breathe, choose shoes made of leather. If your feet sweat heavily, let your shoes dry completely by not wearing the same pair two days in a row. Better yet, go barefoot when you can.
  • Watch what you eat. Sometimes eating spicy or fatty foods can lead to body odor.
Treating Body Odor
If you perspire heavily enough to disrupt your normal routine, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Consult your doctor. Sometimes a prescription antiperspirant can help; if you try one, keep in mind that it’s most effective when applied at bedtime to the most sweat-prone areas of your body.
You should also call your doctor if you start having night sweats for no reason or if you suddenly sweat much more or much less than usual. And if you notice a change in your body odor, it could signal certain medical conditions that require treatment.
Fortunately, home remedies are all it takes to banish normal body odor. Keep yourself and your clothing clean and dry, and you’ll smell like a rose.

Quit saying goodbye to your favorite lip shade. Follow this advice from makeup pros on keeping your lip color in its place. 

As is true of your favorite denim or snapshot, fading is no friend to your lip color. Before you waste another second applying lipstick that won’t last through a latte, see how the pros paint mouths for long-wearing color. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to give fading, feathering, and smudging the kiss-off.


Just as the rest of your skin benefits from regular exfoliation, your lips also need the occasional gentle rub-down to remove dry, flaky layers. “For lip color that stays in place, you have to get into the habit of exfoliating lips weekly,” says Janet Curmi, vice president of global education and development for Elizabeth Arden. Removing dead skin gives lip color a smooth surface to adhere to.
Since lips have thin, delicate skin, you need to tread lightly when smoothing them. Makeup artist Ellis Faas shares this trick: Gently brush your lips with an extra-soft toothbrush before applying color. This removes dead skin and increases blood flow to the lips, for a fuller, flushed pout.


To ensure that your lip color bonds with your skin, your lips must be hydrated. “Apply lip balm about 10 minutes before you apply lipstick, to let the moisture soak in,” says Misha Anderson, cofounder of Woodley & Bunny Salon and Apothecary in Brooklyn.
If you’re pressed for time during your makeup routine, slick on your lip balm first, suggests Jillian Dempsey, global color director for Avon. “This will allow you to work on the rest of your makeup while the moisture sinks into your lips.”


Whether you’re dealing with eye shadow, foundation, or lip color, priming is always an essential step for lasting results. Not only will priming your lips help keep them soft, it’ll discourage feathering and help fill in lines, allowing for more even color application.
“The key is letting the primer dry a bit,” says John Stapleton, MAC Cosmetics’ senior artist. “The primer gets tacky as it dries so other products stick better.”
Use a product designed for the lips, such as Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion ($20), to increase your lipstick’s staying power.

“If your lipstick is not a designated long-wear lipstick, lip liner is a must,” says Wende Zomnir, cofounder and creative director for Urban Decay.
Apply a shade that matches your lipstick, because liner will also serve as a backup layer of pigment when the color begins to wear off. “Liner acts as a barrier, which is why I always shade the entire lip when I want durability,” says Gilbert Soliz, Sephora PRO lead artist.
Trace the outline of your lips, making sure you draw a symmetrical Cupid’s bow. “An uneven top lip will show up, especially when you’re using bright colors,” says Jemma Kidd, makeup artist and founder of JK Jemma Kidd. Then fill in your lips, making sure you reach the corners and creases.


Forget creamy, sheer, and shimmery — for all-day wear, matte shades are the way to go. “The dryness of a matte formula will grab at the surface of the lips and stay longer, whereas the slip of a creamy shine formula will move and fade more quickly,” says Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty.
Which colors should you pick? Carol Shaw, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Lorac Cosmetics, says that “lipsticks with red and fuchsia undertones often have more of a staining effect, so when you eat and drink you still have color left on your lips.”

The more pigmented the lipstick, the more likely it is to last all day. But when it comes to how much of it to apply, less is always more — too much product causes color to run into fine lines. You want to saturate your lips with color without adding a thick layer of lipstick. Plus, applying a heavy coat may actually cause you to rub your lips together, thereby wearing away the color faster, says Jillian Veran, makeup artist and senior beauty director for Philosophy.
To make sure you have the right balance of pigment and product, try a this trick from celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow: Use your index finger to tap color on to your lips.
Once you’ve applied your lipstick, separate a two-ply tissue and lightly kiss it. “The cheaper the quality, the better — softer brands are more likely to leave little fuzzies from the tissue on your lip,” Sephora's Gilbert Soliz says.

A dusting of translucent powder can go a long way when it comes to increasing hold. Soliz suggests tapping a light layer of powder over your lipstick. This, he explains, gives the lip color a dry base to adhere to. Apply another thin layer of color, and you can award your lipstick marathon status.

You want to know that how you can take care of your hair in some simple and easy steps, so this the place we are going to tell you that how you can make it possible. For this you have to know about your hair types, weather it is thick or thin or mix hair. When you are confident about your hair type then you can going to choice your shampoo an conditioner according to your hair care care issue.

No matter what you have always to select the thing and product about the hair that should be suitable for hair and should be of good quality. You ant to long your hair for this you have to cut your hair once in a month a little bit in inches for its better position.
You can treated your hair with some good herbal shampoos and other liquidize things. You always tie your hair after cutting it and then you have to tied it regulatory. Clean it regularly and the brush it up daily so the veins of your mind going to be fast and you the blood circulation become good. So you can fasten grow up your hair.

Always keep you hair oily but hair oil should be according to your hair type. When you will keep all these things in you mind you can definitely grownup your hair easily.

There are five things that everyone can do today that will slow down the aging process.  They are relatively quick and quite easy.  As mothers and keepers of the home these are the five things that you should start doing today to keep premature aging away.  After all, we may be the ones raising and caring our family but we want to look good too!
1)      Wear your Sunglasses
2)      Take Care of Your Smile
3)      Know your Number
4)      Take your Vitamins
5)      Challenge Yourself
Wear your Sunglasses
All that squinting from the sun’s rays will cause premature wrinkles to appear around the delicate eye area.  Do yourself and your eyes a favor and take your sunglasses with you as you head out the door.  If you are still considering going out and “running” your errands sans sunglasses, think about this: There is an increased risk of cataracts and macular degeneration due to sun damage that can occur.
Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses in the winter months too!
Take Care of Your Smile
One of the easiest things that you can do for yourself is to take care of your smile.  That means seeing the dentist at least twice a year for your dental check-ups, brushing your teeth at least twice a day (in the morning and before you go to bed), and flossing regularly. 
Did you know that dental decay can lead to cardiovascular disease?
In addition, use a whitening toothpaste daily to nix coffee, tea and other superficial food stains from those pearly whites.  Teeth whitening kits which are sold over the counter are a great way to keep stains at bay.  For deeper stains you may need a professional whitening session from a dental professional.
Remember, our teeth naturally yellow as we age.  Minimize this change by taking care of that smile and look years younger in the process.
Limit the staining effects of your morning cup of java or tea by rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth after you drink.  
Know Your Number
If you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you are going?  Check your weight at least twice a month (monitor more closely if you are currently working on a weight loss goal).  Extra pounds can have a way of causing people to age more quickly.  Excess weight gain can cause a once vivacious person to become sluggish and lack energy. This by itself has a way of creeping into other parts of your life: self esteem, sexual health and mental health are all negatively affected.  Not to mention the myriad of diseases and other conditions that can result from carrying an unhealthy weight. 
But, how will you know that your weight is creeping in that direction if you don’t check it?  Certainly your clothes will fit more snugly and maybe your “nosey” neighbor will let you know.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know your weight and take charge.  Ignoring the numbers on the scale will only amplify the problem.  Remember, naturally our metabolism will slow down as we age.  So be vigilant about checking and knowing your numbers.
Take Your Vitamins
Of course you should take your vitamins daily. It is like an insurance policy for your home.  Would you skip that?  But, that is not what I referring to though.  I am talking about the vitamins for your face.  Your face is the first thing that people see when they see you. Well, if they are looking at you from the front at least.  Besides, cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin (with SPF), “hot mamas” should at least be using a retinol cream at night.  Retinol creams contain vitamin A and help keep wrinkles at bay.  A stronger option is a prescription Retin-A cream. 
Both can cause irritation especially in the sun, so be sure to wear your cream at night and consult your doctor if you have any other concerns.
Challenge Yourself
Continuously challenging yourself is good for your brain and is the best anti-aging tip that I can offer.  Research shows that continuous learning is a great defense against Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.  Besides, as a parent I want to be able to go “toe to toe” with my kids.  I want to be able be able to not feel intimidated when new technology comes my way.  Doing so will keep you independent, keep things interesting, and keep you young!

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a fortune on exfoliating gels, scrubs or creams. Natural ingredients can help improve your skin – so it’s time to raid your kitchen cupboards.
diy Facial scrub
Here are 5 simple concoctions that should help you feel like you’ve had a course of microdermabrasion.
1. Lemon and sugar
To make your own exfoliating product simply mix lemon juice with sugar and get scrubbing. It might sound strange, but lemon is actually extremely good for your skin and has many anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-aging properties. It’s also loaded with vitamin C (which your skin needs) and contains enzymes thought to improve an oily complexion. What’s more the sugar helps draw moisture into the skin and the fine grains work to remove dead skin cells.
2. Honey and oatmeal
You might get a little messy with this mixture, but it can do wonders for your skin. The great thing about oats is they’re ideal for sensitive skin and are thought to heal and soothe irritations. They also work as a natural abrasive and can be ground up really smooth or left flaky for a rougher mixture. Honey is also a soothing product and helps keep the skin hydrated, so why not give this recipe a go?
3. Coffee ground and olive oil
This concoction is thought to reduce the effects of aging and could compliment a course of Botox. Olive oil has been used in beauty products for many centuries and its antioxidants are believed to keep the skin soft and supple. It was used as a sun cream by the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and is still one of the main ingredients in many branded products today. Coffee is a natural abrasive and will help unblock pores. It’s also thought to be antibacterial and seems to work well on sensitive skin.
4. Ground almonds and yoghurt
A good exfoliating product should have a course texture as this will help remove dry skin and dead cells. Ground almonds are a brilliant abrasive and contain vitamin E which works to nourish and soften the skin. They can be used on most skin types and should leave you with a soft, non-greasy complexion. The lactic acid in milk is thought to get rid of dead skin cells and this in turn should help clear up blackhead, spots and acne.
5. Sea salt and water
If you want to create a really simple product, simply combine sea salt with water and get scrubbing. Warm water will help open your pores and the fine grains of salt will exfoliate your body. Combining salt with a sticky product such as honey is also effective, but if just want a quick solution to better skin, sea salt and water is ideal.
So there you have it, five natural exfoliating products that you can mix up in your own home, have you got any others which you have tried making yourself?

Just like your skin needs extra attention to feel smooth during the winter, your hair also needs some extra care so that it looks shiny and feels soft when it gets cold out. If you skip these steps you may notice that you will experience more hair loss and breakage than you have in the past because your locks will be weaker and more susceptible to damage. You’ll find that it’s not too hard and that the extra work will pay off in time. Here’s what you need to do.
Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair
Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you that you would get sick if you went outside with wet hair? Something else that she didn’t tell you at the time was that the frigid air can actually cause your strands to freeze and break. So not only will you catch cold, you’ll also look as if you’re in need of a haircut. Make sure to go outside with dry hair as often as possible and to always wear a hat to keep your locks safe.
Don’t Over Wash
During the spring and summer we sweat, swim and smell like food from all of those fun barbeques so we tend to wash our hair more often. During the winter this is completely unnecessary as we don’t really do any of these things and our hair gets dirty less often. Simply shampooing twice a week is all you really need for a clean healthy head of hair. Another great point to washing less often is that it will save you time and money so you can move on to other better and bigger purchases.
Condition Frequently
Many women use conditioner on a daily basis to keep their locks soft and manageable. However a simple conditioning isn’t enough for the winter. To get truly luscious locks get a deep conditioning hair mask that will infuse your hair with the nourishment that it needs to be healthy, fight damage from indoor heating and break less. As for your regular conditioner, look for one that says ‘Replenish’ on it so that you know that it will work to reinforce moisture on a regular basis.
Style Less
Of course you want to look your best so every morning you pick up the blow dryer, flat iron or heated curlers and get to work. In general, this is one of the worse things that you can do because applying direct heat to your hair will dry it out in no time flat. If you like to style your hair do it no more than twice a week which shouldn’t be much of a problem since you’re only washing it twice a week now anyway.
Keep Rubbing Down To A Minimum
By rubbing we mean using friction to dry your hair with a towel or wearing a hat that’s on the tighter side. The constant back and fourth of the cloth will make your hair get frizzy and cause breakage. Instead, try patting your hair dry and wear a hat that is slightly loose fitting.
Not as difficult as you thought, right? Have a good winter and stay beautiful.

Facial Massage for Beautiful Skin

Self facial massage benefits an individual mentally and physically. It is a great aid to relieve tensions and mental stress. It helps physically by reducing fatigue and energizing the body. It can be done in few simple steps. Just ensure to keep the massage strokes soft and gentle yet firm.

Facial massage is done to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. Massage helps the skin to get fresh oxygen that is excellent for repairing the dead cells and stimulate the live cells. In addition it also cures many diseases. Hence, it should be carried out for attaining good health and striking looks. Self facial massaging is simple to execute. It can be done on own with simple facial massage techniques.

Ahead of starting the self facial massage clean the face with cleansing milk. It is done so because any dirt stuck on face has to be removed else the dirt will get circulated all over the face along with the massage cream/oil. There are many creams available in the market specially made for facial massage.

Step 1: Apply Oil on Face
Take one tablespoon oil/cream into the palm of one hand and with finger of other hand tap the oil all over the face. Leave the eyes and lips. Facial massage can be done with any cream or oil that suits the skin. All the strokes during the entire massage session must be in upward direction. It must start from the center then moving outwards. All the circular stokes should be in anti-clockwise direction.
Step 2: Massage the Jaw Line
Tap the fingers around the jaw line. Make an "oooh"-shaped mouth and move fingers upward and downward. The strokes must be gentle. This massage stroke helps in minimizing the soft lines.

Step 3: Underneath the Chin
Bring the fingers from mouth area to beneath the chin. Move the finger in small circular movements. This shall augment the blood flow and stimulates the skin cells.

Step 4: Turn to Cheekbones
Gradually move from chin to cheekbones. Press the top of the cheekbones with finger tips and come up to the temples. Do it 4-5 times. Then at the temples rotate the index finger very slowly first in clockwise direction 5-6 times then after in anti-clockwise direction. This shall release all the tensions and stress.

Step 5: Come to the Nose
Apply pressure above the bridge of the nose with the middle finger of both hands simultaneously from both sides. In between, hold for couple of seconds and then release. Ensure to have a soft hand. Next move the index finger of both hands from its respective sides up and down from the nostrils to the middle of both the eyebrows.

Step 6: Time to Massage the Forehead
Start from the center of the forehead and move towards the temples. Move the index finger in anti-clockwise direction applying gentle pressure. Tap the eyebrows with the finger tips to relax for a while. Also rotate the index finger on the closed eyes in anti-clockwise direction very softly.

Step 7: In the End Chance for Ears
At last, move the fingers on the ears from top to bottom. Also behind the ears rub the index finger in upward to downward direction.

All the strokes must be done 4-5 times. It would take not more than 15 minutes to complete the self facial massage. It shall not only enhance the blood flow but most important shall relieve all the worries and relax you completely. Start your day with this gentle facial massage and be energetic for the rest of the day. Have a nice day!

Flattering Wide-Leg Pants

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Forget frizzy hair, chipped polish, and other beauty woes with the help of these ingenious treatments.
If your hair is on the curly side, your mood probably dips along with the barometric pressure. A keratin treatment can be a game changer, rendering you frizzproof and free to go about your life despite inclement weather.

How it works: A stylist seals keratin, a conditioning protein, into each strand with a flat iron. “The keratin weightlessly coats the hair, blocking moisture, which is what triggers the chain reaction that leads to frizz,” explains Philadelphia-based stylist Alan Gold.

Where and how much: The treatment is available at salons nationwide. It can cost $150 or more, depending on whether you treat just one area (bangs, for instance) or your whole head.

Results last: Eight to twelve weeks, provided you don’t wash your hair for up to four days following the treatment. You’ll also need to steer clear of shampoos and conditioners with sodium chloride (a.k.a. salt), which breaks the keratin bonds.

A word to the wise: The treatment can release chemical fumes when it’s steamed into the hair, so you and your stylist should wear masks. But fear not, says celebrity stylist Paul Labrecque: “Masks looks scary, but this is actually just safe practice.”

Try this at home: The next generation of frizz fighters are long-lasting serums with special polymers that keep hair smooth through a shampoo or two. They may even help decrease frizz overall the longer you use them. Try Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield ($12, or John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight ($10 at drugstores).