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Do something different with your hair—add a hair band, pin it up, style it straight or with come-hither waves at the ends.

Wear Some Makeup
Go for the minimal ‘no-makeup makeup’ look by donning tinted moisturiser, cream blusher, a couple of light coats of mascara and loose powder all over for a fresh faced, iridescent glow.

Boost Your Skin
Follow these three simple strategies to give your skin on overall health and repairing lift: one, down at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your skin; two, eat skin foods like avocado for a dose of natural oils (try mashing avocado and olive oil as a mask); three, get lots and lots of sleep to banish dark under-eye circles and tired looking skin.

Stay Protected
Never leave home without slathering on some serious sun protection, especially if you’re going out in the open.

Colour Update
Visit your colourist and get your roots updated pronto if you have coloured hair.

Scrub It Clean
Make a commitment to removing your makeup every day before hitting the sack—leaving your skin pooling in the vestiges of last night’s makeup could cause breakouts and clog up your pores. Start with makeup remover, and then cleanse to really get all the makeup off.

Don’t Neglect Your Nails
Keep your fingernails looking spiffy between manicures by using a nude nail colour or a shiny top coat for a healthy, coiffed shine.

Get Blemish-Free
When the odd pimple or blackhead pops up on your face, resist the urge to pick at it. For flawless cover up, nothing beats BB cream and a little foundation.

Body Beautiful
Devote a little time to caring for your skin. Restrain from jumping out of the shower and right into your clothes—take a minute to slather on a generous dose of body lotion at least once every couple of days.

A Perfect Match
If you have tanned or dark skin, ditch foundations that are too light for your skin tone. Try a sheer or medium coverage foundation in the right shade—the goal here is to look less zombielike.