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The Top 5 Beauty Tips for Asian Women

There are many beauty tips used by women around the world, but the key to being good for women to show their own characteristics. What makes a woman beautiful is not always the same for each woman and depends on the structure of your body, hair, and features. Here is a list of the top ten beauty tips for Asian women.
1 Beauty tip: Eye
One of the greatest strengths of Asian women is their form naturally beautiful almond eyes. Although some Asian eyes can be a huge challenge, when done correctly Asian women can maximize the exotic appeal of their eyes. Try using bright color shades such as coral, orange or light gray to complement the shape of the almond eyes. When using eye lining pencil drawing past the outer corner of the eye and fold it up in the end you can enhance the look of your eyes naturally Asia. Some Asian women feel they should choose colors of eye shadow that balances with their skin color but in reality the opposite is true. When using eye shadow try to choose the colors yellow base. My girlfriend uses a shadow dark brown eyes with gold that looks great.
Beauty tip 2: hair
Asian long black hair is also a very attractive feature that Asian women have. The original color and a shiny black is beautiful especially when erect. If you want to try something different but you might want to look at dying hair. Many hair products for women on the North American market does not work as well for Asian hair because Asian hair tends to be thicker than other hair types. If you want to color your hair your best bet is to go to an experienced specialist. If you choose the color of your hair to make sure you do a test on a strand test synchronization. Very dark hair is very resistant to fading, and dyes tend to be absorbed faster in thicker hair.
Beauty tip 3: the face
As with eye makeup, it is good to choose foundation and makeup that goes well with your complexion unique Asian. You can try lighter shades for a better look, or dark colors to create a more dramatic effect. Using dark colors will also help bring out your eyes and compliment your cheekbones. It is recommended if products containing yellow, as it will be much more normal than others such as shades of pink. As for the lipstick looks best is to go with a color according to the occasion and tone of skin.
4 Beauty tip: skin
It's a common myth that Asian women always look much younger than they really are. Although for many Asian women this is true at some point, you start to have wrinkles. Fortunately, there are all kinds of things you can do to help your skin look younger. You can buy anti-wrinkle cream that has a certain percentage of retinol, and put it on before bed. Remember to store this product in cool, dark yet, as it is quite unstable. A trick often neglected to help you keep your skin beautiful Asian is to remember to take some time out of your stressful day every time some time for yourself that stress greatly effects your skin health.
5 Beauty tip: Unique cosmetics for Asian women
Asians originally developed acupressure as a way to increase their energy, but later found that the procedure also acts to improve circulation and metabolism. The result is a rejuvenating effect that causes the skin becomes more elastic and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Another beauty product is the only Asian ginseng. Ginseng is beneficial to the skin as it helps to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, improves blood circulation, metabolism, and also has many other benefits for physical health. Some Asian women use food to help slow the aging process and improve the appearance of their skin include honey, rice, cherries, cucumbers, and avocados.