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This is been  realize that a bit of a makeup junkie, not really your average makeup user, lol.  However, try to pick items for my travel bag that were practical, condensed and dual purpose.  you should make packer  spreadsheets for every trip!  It hate over or under-packing.

First need a good travel bag for your makeup/cosmetics.  It is known that couldn't get away with a mini makeup bag so this one from Hold Me Company works great to store all of my makeup and brushes with room to spare.  you can select which one the hold in the bag here.

Here is the bag all folded up
There's a large rectangular pocket on the left and a brush holder on the right.
this is lovely how you can  just sit the bag on the counter and work straight from it.  Usually  set the bag ligke this on the desk in the hotel room.  The products are within easy reach and there's no digging around and spilling.  you had extra space for more brushes and products so it was easy to just zip it up and go.  You even have a pocket on the very left which holds a z palette.

A lot of the items show here are daily makeup items that can't live without.  also have many smaller, mini items that I keep just for my travel makeup because it makes life easier - such as smaller..
Try to remember to find some dual purpose items as well. Typically find that everything you pack is enough to do an entire face for both a daytime or night look... don't usually use all of it.