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How a Bra Should Fit
How a Bra Should Fit
(Keep Reading Bra Measuring Guide Below)
Did you know that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size! Popular shows like Oprah and TLC's What Not to Wear have dedicated entire shows to the subject. I began to wonder if perhaps I was wearing the bra size. I decided to do some research on behalf of all women on measuring a bra size. I will paraphrase the important parts about determining your bra size using 2 different methods.

What You Need to
Calculate Your Bra Size

Your favorite bra, flexible measuring tape, Trusted friend or bra department associate, and .... a little math!

Bra Measuring Method #1 (Best for Average to Large Busts)

Step 1: Put On Your Favorite Bra.
First put on your favorite bra that you think makes your breasts the right shape and feels most comfortable. Next you will need to find a flexible measuring tape (the kind a seamstress would use). You may also need to grab a trusted friend to help you measure, since it is difficult to keep the tape level around your body.
Where to Measure Band Size - Method 1
Step 2: Rib Cage + 5" = Band Size

Step 2:
Measure Around Rib Cage
The first measurement to take is around your ribcage, just below your breasts. Now add 5 to this number to get your band size. If the resulting band size was an odd number, you will need to round up to the next even number since bra bands only come in even numbers.
Where to Measure Cup Size - Method 1
Step 3: Bust - Band = Cup Size"

Step 3:
Measure Fullest Part of Bust
The second measurement should be taken around the fullest part of your bosom with your favorite bra on. This measurement is your cup size. Next subtract your band size from your cup size to calculate the right cup size. Refer to the bra cup size chart below.

Bra Cup Size Chart (Method #1)

<1/2" larger than measurement #2--------------------AA
1" larger than measurement #2------------------------A
2" larger than measurement #2------------------------B
3" larger than measurement #2------------------------C
4" larger than measurement #2------------------------D
5" larger than measurement #2------------------------DD or E
6" larger than measurement #2------------------------DDD or F
7" larger than measurement #2------------------------G
8" larger than measurement #2------------------------H
9" larger than measurement #2------------------------I
10" larger than measurement #2-----------------------J

Bra Measuring Method #2 (Best for Average to Small Busts)

Step 1:
Wear Your Favorite Bra.

I know it seems odd (especially if you are already wearing the incorrect bra size) to put on a bra to measure for a bra, but it is the best way to get the most accurate measurement. Choose a bra that is comfortable, fits you best and makes your breast the right shape.
Where to Measure Band & Cup Size - Method 2
Step 2: Rib Cage + 5" = Band Size
Step 3: Width of Breast = Cup Size
Step 2:
Measure Around Your Rib Cage for Band Size.

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your rib cage just below your breasts. Add 5 inches to this measurement and round to the nearest even number See #2 measurement on the picture to the right. Step 3:
Measure Width of Breasts for Cup Size.

This is what makes Method #2 different than Method #1. It tends to be more accurate on petite or small breasted women, but can work for many breast sizes. Measure breasts for from one end to the other. In other words, from the outer front edge of one breast mound to the other. Do not wrap around the sides of the breasts. See #3 measurement on the picture to the above. Refer to the table below to find your cup size.

Bra Cup Size Chart (Method #2, Measurement #3)

7" measurement #3------------------------A
8" measurement #3------------------------B
9" measurement #3------------------------C
10" measurement #3-----------------------D
11" measurement #3-----------------------DD
12" measurement #3-----------------------DDD or E
13" measurement #3-----------------------F
14" measurement #3-----------------------FF
15" measurement #3-----------------------G
The above charts are just a guideline of what size to start with at the bra department. You may need to go up or down a band or cup size to get the perfect fit.