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Glucose in blood is a necessity to provide the required energy to different organs of the body. It is the "Body Fuel", which is used even for a slight movement. If the sugar content of the blood increases over the normal level, it harms different parts of the body, which is the origin of diabetes in general.

Diabetes is a common problem in the society and numerous people are affected by the syndrome. It has to be fought with right kind of eating habits and a planned diet program. You need to take fruits that include apples, guava and other high fiber fruits, oatmeal and the low glycemic food-items like nuts and peas, which should be included in the daily diet plan. Avoid starchy food like bread, cereals and junk food. You will definitely control the blood sugar when you add proper exercising with diet programs. It does not only mean intensive exercising, but simple walking is also advantageous in this condition. Use the stairs wherever applicable and avoid escalator if you have to cove 2-3 stories, which you can do very easily.

Tips for Exercising

1) Start with low intensity exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming. Wear proper shoes for walking or jogging to avoid leg pain.

2) Keep it for 5-10 minutes initially and gradually increase the time of exercising.

3) If you are heading for a distant place, make a group of like minded people or if you are a serious patient of diabetes.

4) Do the stretching exercising before the walking tour, which is known as the warm up session.

5) Cycling is also an effective aerobic exercising

6) Consult your doctor before you take up strenuous exercising if you have other troubles.