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We have come far away from the primitive lifestyle, which contained a natural rhythm in movements. If we need to regain the natural rhythm in movements for performing different arts of the body, we should think beyond the gym and take a few steps forward.Our body moves in a natural rhythm. It has to be a flawless movement without affecting the normal flavor.

There are several and specific acts, which are essential for healthy lifestyle such as:

1. Squatting,
2. Lunging,
3. Bending of the body or picking up an item from the floor,
4. Walking with weight,
5. Pushing a cart or a weight,
6. Dragging a cart or
7. Doing an act quickly.

Researchers have established that the primitive people were used to these seven acts, which were required to light a fire or taking part in religious prayers and so on. Since there were no roadways, people had the ability to lunge forward to cover long distances.

We have come a long way from the natural way of living. Absence of these abilities may result in various injuries that occur in modern life. The present lifestyle has limited the natural movement of human being and that is why related muscles do not get proper exercising. Many people go to the gym regularly, which provides exercising to certain specific muscles.  It improves the body display to attract onlookers undoubtedly, but the natural flavor of the body remains unknown. It is high time that we come out of the mechanized lifestyle if we need to enjoy the injury-free natural life.  Attending office ensures sitting for a pretty longtime impedes the natural rhythm of movements, which is a simple example of the drawback of the modern lifestyle.

Exercising is aimed to improve the programming of brain, which controls all the movement of body organs in a natural way. It is very easy to begin exercising to regain the natural rhythm of the body if you take up the following. .

1. Running and Crawling
2. Jumping
3. Push-up and pull-up
4. Wall squat
5. Crawling on the staircase
6. Climbing on a tree and so on.