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Are you suffering from any mental trouble? Are you gaining excessive weight? Are you affected by blood sugar? Have you been suffering from arthritis? Do you continuously suffer from digestive systems?

You can get relief from all these troubles if you practice Power yoga because it keeps you physically fit and mentally alert. It is the class of yoga, which is more intense and hence, you have to practice it continuously without any break. You need energy to comply with the requirement of the special type of yoga.

You have to synchronize the approach both physically and psychologically so that you do not feel tired of exercising the particular yoga. People who would like to be active take special interest in the highly energetic and lively form of yoga.  You can modify the method of performing pattern, which is the advantage in this form of yoga. The main aim is to keep the body fit, active and highly energetic. Daily practice of Power yoga keeps diseases at bay and is known to be more preventive than curative.

Practice Timings
You need to make an estimate that how much time is to be allotted from your daily routine for the yoga practice. Start with a small duration and gradually increase the extent of practicing of yoga by taking certain precautions.

1. Inform the instructor if you have any physical problem
2. Dress up in a loose pajama and vest
3. Do not try to hasten any process to reduce pain or weight loss. It is not possible.
4. Do not eat heavily before practice sessions. It is better to drink water before practicing.
5. Consult the trainer during menstruation period, in high blood pressure or in pregnancy or other uncomfortable conditions.
6. Start with the breathing exercise followed by meditation and relaxation.

a) Breathing Exercise {Prannayam}
b) Sun Salute {Surya Namaskar}
c) Yoga Posture {Bandhya}
d) Relaxation {Yoganidra}
e) Meditation {Yoga}

Consult a qualified yoga trainer before you take up Power yoga or write to us