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Just like your skin needs extra attention to feel smooth during the winter, your hair also needs some extra care so that it looks shiny and feels soft when it gets cold out. If you skip these steps you may notice that you will experience more hair loss and breakage than you have in the past because your locks will be weaker and more susceptible to damage. You’ll find that it’s not too hard and that the extra work will pay off in time. Here’s what you need to do.
Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair
Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you that you would get sick if you went outside with wet hair? Something else that she didn’t tell you at the time was that the frigid air can actually cause your strands to freeze and break. So not only will you catch cold, you’ll also look as if you’re in need of a haircut. Make sure to go outside with dry hair as often as possible and to always wear a hat to keep your locks safe.
Don’t Over Wash
During the spring and summer we sweat, swim and smell like food from all of those fun barbeques so we tend to wash our hair more often. During the winter this is completely unnecessary as we don’t really do any of these things and our hair gets dirty less often. Simply shampooing twice a week is all you really need for a clean healthy head of hair. Another great point to washing less often is that it will save you time and money so you can move on to other better and bigger purchases.
Condition Frequently
Many women use conditioner on a daily basis to keep their locks soft and manageable. However a simple conditioning isn’t enough for the winter. To get truly luscious locks get a deep conditioning hair mask that will infuse your hair with the nourishment that it needs to be healthy, fight damage from indoor heating and break less. As for your regular conditioner, look for one that says ‘Replenish’ on it so that you know that it will work to reinforce moisture on a regular basis.
Style Less
Of course you want to look your best so every morning you pick up the blow dryer, flat iron or heated curlers and get to work. In general, this is one of the worse things that you can do because applying direct heat to your hair will dry it out in no time flat. If you like to style your hair do it no more than twice a week which shouldn’t be much of a problem since you’re only washing it twice a week now anyway.
Keep Rubbing Down To A Minimum
By rubbing we mean using friction to dry your hair with a towel or wearing a hat that’s on the tighter side. The constant back and fourth of the cloth will make your hair get frizzy and cause breakage. Instead, try patting your hair dry and wear a hat that is slightly loose fitting.
Not as difficult as you thought, right? Have a good winter and stay beautiful.