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Keep your skin glowing whatever the weather

Keeping our skin out of harm's way can sometimes seem like a constant battle. During the coming chilly months, chapped winds and low humidity will strip our skin of its natural protective layer, leaving it feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable.

There's nowhere to hide either - while we can practically feel our epidermis' shrinking away as we step outside, a day indoors can leave us looking pruned as central heating saps our skin of moisture.

Dermatologist Dr Leslie Baumann says: "When the relative humidity inside drops below 60%, your skin begins to lose moisture, causing you to feel dryness and itching."

We all know we should moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, but aside from that and investing in our very own portable oxygen tent, what are we to do to protect ourselves?

Find out with these top tips for keeping your skin glowing all through winter.