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Wearing makeup: making eyes stand out
by Anne T. Donahue
Eyes are the windows into the soul – or at least that’s what marketing geniuses would have us believe when it comes to first impressions and make-or-break relationships. But if you’re actually hoping to make your eyes stand out, that’s a whole other story. So that’s why we’ve assembled these makeup tips so you can help give your eyes the attention they deserve – while maybe even flashing the soul.
Let’s start at the most intimidating: since eyeliner pencil tends to smudge, and liquid eyeliner leaves no room for error, the idea of abiding by either technique seems painful and unnecessary. However, applying eyeliner doesn’t have to be a debacle – especially since it’s so crucial to making eyes stand out.
Start by applying a thin line of pencil at the base of the lash line, and extend out no further than where your eyebrow ends. Then, top with a liquid liner to make your eyeliner last. Since you’ve already laid a type of eyeliner foundation, you’ll be far less likely to smudge or to over-do it, and if you choose not to use shadow or a lighter mascara, your eyes will still get noticed immediately.
Eye Shadow
There’s a fine line between “making your eyes stand out” and inducing a “yikes” factor, so before you gather your shadows and rock the smoky look daily, remember the art of the smudge, or that less is more.
If you’re hoping to use shadow to help make your eyes pop, simply use a flat brush and apply a darker shade to the eyelid crease, then blend with a lighter shade like beige or nude alongside dark brown or burgundy. Thanks to the contrast, your eyes will become a focal point, and topped with black eyeliner, you’ll command attention – subtly.
 Of course, the easiest way to make your eyes stand out is to focus on your eyelashes. True, false lashes (together with black eyeliner) will help you achieve the iconic 1960s’ eye, but if you’re only heading to work or on day-to-day errands, you’ll want to avoid the super-glam regimen.
That said, if you’re absolutely against wearing eye makeup, make an exception for mascara. Not only will it help frame your eyes through defined lashes, it will prevent you from looking monochromatic. If you’re tired, it’s easy for puffiness to overshadow your eyes, so by using a dark mascara, you’ll draw attention away from circles or bags and dress up your day-to-day look.