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1. Share a meal with a friend.
This a great secret weight loss tip that works when both dining out or having lunch at work. In fact, one great way to lose weight and save money is to take turns once or twice a week fixing a healthy lunch and then splitting it at the office. You’ll save half the calories while enjoying each other’s favorite foods. When dining out at a restaurant, one of you can order a salad or soup while the other orders an appetizer or sandwich. Then simply ask for two plates and save both calories and money.

2. Think about your puppy.
Even if you don’t have one – a “doggie bag” that gets filled before a meal is a great secret weight loss tip. When you go out to lunch or dinner, simply ask your wait person to pack up half of your order to-go before serving it. This takes the temptation literally right off your plate, and can also help you if you are suffering from the “clean plate” syndrome. It stops you from mindlessly finishing an entire entrĂ©e while chatting away with your guy or friends. 

3. Lunch like a bunny.
For two weeks, have only a green salad for lunch. Fill that salad bowl with as much green as you like – romaine, lettuce, celery, spinach, and throw in some color as well – carrots, purple onions, and some radishes. This secret weight loss tip can be sabotaged by the toppings you choose, so stay away from blue cheese and other fat-laden dressings, and don’t top off your greens with cheese, pasta salad, or anything similarly fattening

4. Start with the starter menu.
Ordering from the appetizer selections rather than the entrees is a super secret weight loss tip that will start you off right in the New Year. There are plenty of low-calorie appetizers out there that will taste great and fill you up at half the calories. Think about shrimp cocktail, steamed mussels, a small tasty salad or other great appetizer. Skip anything fried or loaded with fattening foods such as bacon or lots of butter!

5. Fill up with fiber.
Not only are whole grain foods and other fiber-rich choices better for you, they also function as a great secret weight loss tool. Foods with fiber can take longer to eat, fill you up, and keep you from getting hungry later on. Unlike processed foods, your body will take its time to digest anything rich in fiber, giving you health benefits as well as weight loss benefits to boot.