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We spend a lot of time and money on various anti-aging products for our face. However, the first signs of aging appear on our hands. That is why you must take care of your hands too. Here are things that you can do:

Exfoliation: You exfoliate your face, right? Exfoliate your hands just as such. You can use a home remedy for this. Simply take 1 tsp sugar and mix in coconut oil. This will soften your hands and make them look smooth. Exfoliate regularly for best results. If you life, you could also go for chemical peel. This is best to get rid of the dark spots. Applying lemon juice on hands can also take care of your dark spots. It is a good home remedy.

Moisturizing: Always use a moisturizer when you step out of the house. Make sure it is at least SPF 15. This is necessary even during winters.

Pampering: Your hands need a lot of care. Pamper them. Use gloves when you wash utensils and make sure you apply olive oil or coconut oil before you wear the gloves. Anti-oxidant serums will also help.

Lasers: If your skin is too loose and you have brown spots, go for lasers. They might cost you more but they are worth it.