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Anti-aging products are expected to reduce wrinkles, lines, pigmentation variations and associated conditions of the skin to display a younger tone. It is basically a moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and elastic to prevent lines to make the skin look younger. There is a growing demand of these products, but in reality there are few products that offer permanent lasting effects. Studies have been made on the efficacy of these products and it has been observed that the best anti-aging preparation could offer only 10-15 percent positive effect in the matter of reducing wrinkles with three months of continuous use. You will be astonished to note that the ordinary moisturizers that are available in the market also offered similar effect on the skin, which was noticeable in the naked eye. The study is being made at certain institutes, where they recommend use of certain ingredients, which have beneficial effects on the skin.

The anti-aging products are marketed especially for women, which are also used by men. Valuable product contains ingredients such as a co-enzyme, anti-oxidants, vitamin C and sun-screen lotion for UVA protection. Various products have different compositions and dissimilar application processes to match specific treatment programs.

The natural method of anti-aging effect is achieved through the use of natural oils by following the oil cleansing method. Olive oil and castor oil are two major ingredients that are used to suit different skin types in combination with other ingredients to give beneficial effects on the skin. You can use various oils like Olive oil, Sandalwood oil, Tea tree essential oil, Chamomile powder, herbal extract of Green tea leaf, and Carrot seed essential oil and so on.