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If you became fed up going to crash diet programs and exercise Gyms then have the benefits of new research. This is the simple tip but of most beneficial.

By drinking one or two glass of plane water before meals, keep your hunger  at average level also reduce weight by some pounds. Due to recent research, formed two groups for a period of 12 weeks.

Fist group of people drink every day 3 times plane water before meals while other group of people not.

Those people who drunk water before meals were lost 5 pounds of weight. Reason is simple zero calories water filled the space in stomach so reducing hunger. This way people feels less hunger so less eating. Recent observations show that a woman need eight to nine glass of water every day, while a man need thirteen glasses of water every day.
Water is one of the most essential part of our diet. There is famous saying drinking water before meals is Gold, during meals is Silver and drinking after meals is Lead.
If you have reasonable weight then you look smart and beautiful. So make the habit of your eating,  drink water before every meals.