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Goat Milk can be called a complete food. Its chemicalcomposition surprisingly familiar with mother’s milk.  This has protein and essential amino acids, contains less fats ascompared to cow milk, also do not produce fatty fibers in the body.

Goat Milk due to its chemical composition and Hormonesconsider to be a natural tonic for human skin.

Goat Milk contains Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium,Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, and hydroxyl acid, biotin and collagen, these allplay important role in human health. Goat milk has very important alphahydroxyl  which maintains the propermoisturizing in skin and remove dryness. So keep skin fresh and nourishing.Protein, Amino acids and Vitamin A are much important for better nourishment ofskin. Beta Hydroxyl acid  gives new lifeand shine to skin of older aged people.

Goat milk’s PH similar to PH of human skin so protects humanskin from germs and lethal chemicals. This one of the best natural skin tonicand moisturizer for skin.

Many soaps are being manufactured goat milk and used forsensitive skin. Goat Milk has various benefits particularly on human skin andcommonly on human health. Skin always remains fresh and nourishing, removeswrinkles and whitening the skin. Egypt Queen Cleopatra was also used Goat Milkwhile shower to beautify her skin.