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You are always thinking about skin care, hair care, body massage and so on, but very rarely about the care of nails. Here are some simple tips that are really useful.

(1) Broken Nails- If you get a broken nail in the foot, take olive oil and warm it and gently massage over the affected portion and surroundings. Carry out the process no less than twice a week. Use a massage of moisturizing cream over the nail every night.

(2) Ingrown Toe Nails -  When you do not clip toe nails properly and in time or wear tight shoes or socks over a long period of time regularly, nails begin to grow inside and hurt your fingers and create blemishes on the skin that become red and painful.

Take lukewarm water in a small tub and add common salt. Dip the foot in the solution and keep it there for 15-20 minutes every day. You can also add an antiseptic lotion to the water.

(3) Clip toe nails straight and not too short. Don’t clip the corner of the nail to avoid any scar in the area.

(4) Yellowish Taints of Nails-  Take  the half portion of the common lemon and rub it on affected nails every day, the taint starts to disappear slowly. You can use fine quality sand paper available with any god cosmetic store for rubbing on nails gently. You can also get the nail leather, which is especially prepared for this purpose. You should ensure that you do not damage either the delicate skin or the nails in this process. Apply a clear polish or UV resistant nail polish to produce a brighter look of nails.

(5) Take interest in manicure. Hands and nails look beautiful when you practice manicure. It will support correct formation or growth of nails and will also support blood circulation around nails and the palm. You get a supple and bright skin.

(6) Nails need the sleep-time care. Massage nails with a moisturizer every night before retiring to bed. You can use olive oil, Vitamin E or almond oil for the purpose. Nails will remain smooth and appear lively.