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Massage therapy defeats tiredness both physical and mental and helps restore freshness and agility. It brings back the glamour of the skin. Both men and women need it regularly to look attractive. Spa is not only a female destination, but welcomes male members of the society that need to present a smart and striking personality. Massage therapy is a perfect choice to remain relaxed and bright. Men require the hard and deep tissue massage. It is also useful to get body scrub, body rap and facial treatment to appear stylish.  You will definitely feel great when you attend a massage therapy session.  Make your choice from a variety of massage therapies.

(1) Swedish Massage:  It is done with deep, but relaxing strokes with seasonal oil blends. It helps reduce muscle pain and stimulates blood circulation. Indicate the pain affected area to the therapist at the start of the therapy. You regain quality energy level after the massage.

(2) French Massage:  A gentle massage is given with a base oil containing aromatic oils and cold-pressed antioxidant rich oil. It focuses more on skin nourishment and rejuvenates nerve endings with placid strokes.

(3) Thai Massage ;  It is a combination of deep tissue body work, gentle rhythmic pressure and stretching that helps increase energy flow. There is no requirement of any kind of oil in the process. You are given special cotton robe while taking the massage.

(4) Bali Massage: It is a wonderful mixture of acupressure, skin rolling, firm and smooth stokes on energy channels that releases energy blockage of the body for smooth flow of energy. Your energy level is certainly enhanced with the process.

There are many more types of massages  such as hot stone massage, head massage, back massage, signature massage and  so on that offer huge benefits in increasing energy level of the particular individual.