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When you wear the make-up, the skin undergoes tremendous stress. You must realize the importance of cleansing of the skin to provide relief to the skin from the stress. There are certain processes. Cleaning is essential for every kind of skin and it should be done at least once a day before going to bed. If you do not do so, it would carry dirt and dust, the make-up, which ultimately suffocate the skin.

Usually, we use soap in washing our face to feel refreshed. The alkaline component of the soap makes the skin even drier. The soap removes the natural oil and moisture content of the skin resulting in the destruction of acid-alkaline balance. It also promotes many problems of the skin. Hence, take simple precautions.

i) Perfumed soap may produce allergies to sensitive skin

ii) Premature aging may set in when soap is used on a dry skin for a continuous period.

iii) Red patches may develop on sensitive and dehydrated skin.

iv) In oily skin, the use of soap should be limited to two times a day. Wash your face with clean water properly. Excessive use of soap help increase the alkalinity of the skin, which may acquire an infection.

v) Do not use hot water in face washing. Avoid bath for a long period or more than 10-15 minutes preferably in lukewarm water. Longer contact with water destroys the oil balance of the skin, which is an important factor in avoiding wrinkles.