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It is very common that females show their best looks and points of strength when expecting to glow in the eyes of important people including friends, social groups and -definitely- a man they care to impress. They spend hours and days picking the best outfit, makeup and accessories in addition to beauty salons hassle and a Hollywood star stuns out there. But once these people are not looking, the beautiful lady fades away and the one in the greasy messy hair, unpolished nails and green socks appears.

Ladies! Beauty and femininity is not just a portrait, it’s a lifestyle and attitude. It is as simple as that: You look in the mirror, find a beautiful lady, you feel content and confident, your behavior responds to the positive feeling and a happy day begins.

Here are simple tips from head to toe:
Hair: Keep it clean even if you’re staying home. Use lovely smelling shampoos and make it look nice whether you’re seeing your everyday coworkers or even home alone. For veiled girls, cover your hair don’t ‘cancel’ it, and take care of your hair just as you do if you’re showing it. If you are in a bad mood, head to the beauty salon, get a new hair cut or color and make a new look for yourself.

Face: Never leave your face pale or unclean. Use toners, scrubs, facial washes and moisturizers consistently. Little blusher, gloss and an eyeliner can transform your look in seconds so stop being lazy.

Hands: It is proven: hand care is a mood charger. Go do them and enjoy watching them sparkle. If you’ll wait till someone comes and kisses them, you might wait for some time!

Toes: In a season like winter, and with less or no care for your feet hidden in the winter cave called boots, they can be disastrous dry ones with plenty kilograms of additional skin. Put heel Vaseline every day and night, still polish them and believe me, when you push the blanket in the morning and find lovely looking feet, you’ll feel good.

Body and Skin: Play sports and be in a detailed good shape even if no one on earth is going to notice any of those tiny abs and thigh muscles you worked hard to get firm. Take care of your skin, use scented shower gels, body lotions and perfumes even at home.

Going to Bed: The green socks, grey cotton pants and the brown old jumper (probably of your brother!), tell me about it! And please don’t save those amazing nightwear for the honeymoon, because-again-you might wait for some time. In winter, buy cute matching pajamas and wear matching headbands, and still do the same in summer and wear those cute satin night wears. Every day before going to bed take some time to have a quick shower, clean your teeth, clean your face and moisturize it as well as your feet. Extra pampering can include some scented candles at the room before you sleep and plenty of pages to read from a nice book (if you still have any energy to read after a long day). Wake up in the morning to compete the sun with your shine.

At the end, remember, being a lady is a feeling not a look. If you do not value yourself don’t expect anyone else to come and appreciate you, because no one loves or knows you more than yourself. So if someone really deserves to see the prettiest woman you can be, this person is YOU…