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When it comes to hiding your under-eye circles, your regular concealer won't cut it. What you need is a peach-based one in a shade slightly darker than you would normally use to neutralize the purple rings, says NYC makeup artist Dara Klein. "Identify your skin tone first relative to your level of under-eye darkness." For example, if you have fair skin and very dark circles, your instinct may be to choose a light concealer. But this shade will actually enhance your circles because it'll only match the skin around the eye and not the shade of the actual darkness. So go up a shade — it'll be light enough for your skin tone but corrective enough for the level of purple under the eye.

Once you find a good concealer, apply it with a small brush for the most precise coverage, says Klein. "The key is to only apply the concealer only over the rings, nowhere else." Use a tapping motion instead of wiping the brush back and forth, which just blends the product into your skin.